Three Easy Webcam Tips for Better Web Calls and Video Chat

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Webcam Tips from InHouse Media

We've all been there -- you're on a video call, and you notice a few things that could be better. Perhaps you feel like the person you're speaking with isn't making eye contact, your video angle isn't the greatest, or perhaps your video quality slows down and you're stuck on a freeze frame. Naturally, none of these things are desirable outcomes for you. The good thing is, there are small things you can do from your own home office to make the experience better and more professional! Here are a few tips from our lead video producer on how to boost your professionalism and optimize your web-based video calls.

Webcam Tip 1: Looking Down

Have you ever noticed on a web call that it doesn’t seem like the people you’re interacting with are looking at you? That’s probably because they’re looking at you on the screen, instead of at their web cam. All great communicators know the importance of eye contact — so, when you’re on a web call, anchor your eyes to your camera while you’re speaking. This will help the people you’re speaking with feel more connected to you.

Webcam Tip 2: Camera Height

The height of your camera matters! If your web cam is below your eye level, find something around your home to raise your camera up to eye level. There are plenty of risers available for online purchase, but it’s likely you have items around your home that will do just as well — things like books, or a box — anything sturdy will be sufficient!

Webcam Tip 3: Your Internet Connection Matters

Your internet connection and signal affect your video quality — for uninterrupted video quality, we recommend getting off your wifi, and using a wired connection. Find your home’s wired connection, and plug it into your computer. A wired connection is always more consistent, and you’ll have a better web cam experience because of it.

That's it! We hope these three tips are useful, regardless of where you're working! In the coming weeks and months we'll be creating more video tips and posts about other ways you can boost your professionalism in the home and on the stage. Stay tuned for more!

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