Video Production & Editing


We have a full production team available for your video and editing needs. Whether you have an individual project, a video series, or a large-scale production, we work with you from start to finish. This includes pre-production, writing and storyboarding, onsite and studio video shoots, and editing for a polished project.

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Some of our clients provide us with video footage that needs editing. Whether the edit is straightforward or complex, our team of video editors work one-on-one with clients for all project needs. Editing services include color correction, graphics and titles, closed captioning, and general clean up.

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Muffin Cakes Recipe in Somali

Client: UCare

2019 Honorees

Client: Humor to Fight the Tumor

IEPs – Confusion Lifted

Client: State of Minnesota – Commission of the Deaf, Deafblind & Hard of Hearing

2019 Breaking Through Ceremony

Client: Genesys Work Twin Cities

Marketing Summit Timelapse at Aria

Client: Land O’Lakes

Electric Xtreme Sprayer Testimonial

Client: Graco

InterLock Adjuvant Droplet – High Speed Water Droplet Video

Client: WinField United

InterLock by WinField

Client: WinField United

2019 SMS Research Methods Paper Prize – Ryan Raffaelli

Client: Strategic Management Society

2019 Tekne Awards

Client: Minnesota High Tech Association

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